Friday, March 17, 2017

3/14/17 Review for Miss Brody

"I booked a last minute session with Miss Brody and everything that could go wrong that would not allow either of us to make the appointment went wrong. I want to give a big THANK YOU to the wonderful Mistress Saskia for going above and beyond to make sure the session took place.
As for Miss Brody, like I said, this was a last minute appointment and our first time together but she could not have been more prepared for me. I'm fairly new to this and wanted to have my boundaries and thresholds pushed. Miss Brody did not disappoint! She is as sadistic as she is sexy. After I was safely secured to the bondage table I became aware of the electro-play session she had in store for me. Words can't express the levels of pain, excitement, and euphoria Miss Brody took me too. The more I squirmed the more she secured and immobilized me to the table. I was completely vulnerable and at her mercy and it was pure bliss. The lovely Miss Brody is truly my first great domme experience and I hope to be lucky enough to see her again the next time I am in the Denver area. Thank you again for a wonderful time!
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The taste of you

 I'll admit, I was completely uninterested at first, just feeding an urge for him.
Yet he was so nervous and this intrigued me. 
It didn't take long to feed off of his energy; within a few minutes I was hooked. Like a junkie, I wanted more. 
There was nothing I needed to set up. He wanted to take things slow with a tour. Saying that taking it slow would help him to feel more comfortable with me. 
I obliged. 
I wanted him loose, but through his nervousness, I saw his vulnerability and I was going to push that to its limit.
The tour didn't last long  with him finding his eye set on a the spanking bench. 
He asked for a mirror.
I obliged. 
I started by running my finger nails down his back. Sensual sadism is my specialty. 
Seeing hunger in his eyes, I placed my leg on the rest.
He asked if he could touch my feet.
I obliged.
It only took one song for him to completely lose himself to me. 
I so love when I can get them into a head space where their eyes roll back.
I scratched him, flogged him, spanked him, and finally had him on the floor begging....
"Please Mistress may I..."
"Please Mistress will you watch..."
"Please Mistress can I cum and lick it off my hand...."
"Its the closest thing I have to tasting you."
I hesitated.

My sweet slave, it is the only thing you have to me. I have whole universes within me. I have the sweetest kiss between my thighs and drip life down my legs. 
I am Queen.
I am Goddess.
I am everything you strive for and will never receive. 

His lips began to quiver, broken to the point of begging. 
He begged.
"Please Mistress...."
"Please Goddess...."

I obliged. 
Sitting, waiting, I sat watching him bound and twisted.
Desperation in his eyes. 
"Do it!" I demanded.
Panic and pleasure crossed his face. 
Now on the spot, he saw how I exploited his vulnerability. 
In this moment I completely owned him. 

He exploded all over his face.
"Thank you Mistress. I wish it was you." 
Kneeling down, I whispered to to him..."I'm sure you do honey. Now wipe off your face." 

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Summer 2006:

When I let go……when I release all inhibitions; take a toxic breath and just let it flow. Walking around a room with my head up, distancing myself from every comfort, from every instinct. Going with impulse, I'm searching out one who can give me what I want, what at the moment I need. Living the minutes ahead in my mind; all I want, all I can think about is what he can do to me. I know exactly who I want……the mean one, the crazy one, the one who's going to leave me wanting more; the one who's going to destroy me. Lost in the moment, lost within myself. I don't want a good boy, I don't want a sweet boy. Those are weak. I want pain. Outside my skin is on fire. His hands pulling my hair, blood running down my chin from biting my lip too hard. The pain in my thighs, the pain in my stomach. I can't breathe but I can scream. Giving in to everything he wants, I take pleasure in letting him have what he wants. When it's over I'm still left unsatisfied and just want more. I conceal all decency I have just so I can allow myself to be open to more pain. 

Never satisfied

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hello fellow Kinksters and welcome to my blog. If you didn't know, I'm Brody, Denver's resident sadomasochistic geek. From this blog you can follow through to any of my sites. Feel free to perv around and chat me up.